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The passing of a loved can be a very stressful time. Planning a funeral can be confusing and to provide a dignified ceremony, attention must be paid to every aspect of the funeral. We have created this checklist to help guide you through this difficult time.

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First Steps For Planning A Funeral

After someone passes away there are a few things to consider immediately.

  • Did the deceased have a Will or Funeral Plan
  • Select a Funeral Director
  • Obtain death certificate and make an appointment to register the death


Planning The Ceremony

When planning the ceremony, there are several important things to consider.

  1. select a date and time for the funeral
  2. has the funeral to be a burial or a cremation and which cemetery or crematorium
  3. if cremation, decide what you wish to do with the cremated remains
  4. who is going to conduct the service (clergy, humanist or family member)
  5. choose a coffin
  6. decide if anyone wishes to pay their last respects (viewing the deceased)
  7. choose clothing/robe for the deceased
  8. choose flowers, if applicable
  9. choose music/hymns
  1. choose contents for an order of service, if required (photographs, poems or religious readings)

Choosing Transportation

Not to be overlooked, transport is an important part of a funeral.

  1. choose the number of limousines required (if any)
  2. work out transport for:
      • family
      • clergy


Choosing Participants For The Service

A funeral ceremony needs participants. Make sure you choose the right people for the ceremony.

  1. officiator/clergyman
  2. musicians
  3. pallbearers
  4. someone to deliver the eulogy (if not officiator/clergy)
  5. personal individuals for readings at the service – this can be family or friends


Finishing Preparations

After the ceremony is organised and the final resting place has been chosen there are a few final things

  1. write and submit an obituary
  2. choose a reception venue
  3. organise catering for the reception
  4. choose headstone or grave marker and any wording you may wish to add

This is a brief checklist for you to use when planning your funeral. For a more in-depth guide to planning a funeral, check out our guide here – what do I need to do when arranging a funeral?