A vase filled with orange and yellow roses

It is often difficult to know if you should or should not send flowers. Are they appropriate? What kind should I buy? These are all valid qeustions. We are going to look at some simple sympathy flowers etiquette. If you would like to send flowers, you can have them sent directly to the funeral home or if you wish to the home of the deceased’s family.  However, it is advisable to check with the funeral director what the family have requested prior to ordering, as it is sometimes the case that the family would prefer that a donation be made to charity in lieu of flowers.

Circus roses, button mums, green millet, phormium, red ti and aralia leaves, monstera leafSympathy Flowers Etiquette

If you choose to send flowers directly to the funeral home, you should ensure that they arrive in plenty of time on the day of the funeral or the evening prior if it is an early service.

It’s never too early or too late to send flowers to the home of a grieving family, an early arrangement may bring a little cheer during this sad time.

If the family have requested donations in lieu of flowers, you should honour this request.  Usually there will be a collection basket at the service and they will appreciate the donation that may help someone else.

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