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If you were to be cremated, what would you like done with your cremated remains?
There are various traditional options such as retaining them, to be kept at home, scattered in a favourite place or interred in a family grave.


However people are now looking at options which are a little different from tradition, here are a few:

What to do with Ashes

Build a reef out of them – if your loved one loved the ocean you may consider scattering them there or even better, they can be held in a Solace Stone and placed into the seabed to create an artificial reef that will bring sea-life and create a rich and diverse eco-system.

Turn them into a tattoo – Some tattoo artists will mix a portion of your loved one’s ashes with ink to create a memorial tattoo you can keep with you for life.

Turn them into a tune – If your loved one was a music lover, you can turn their ashes into a vinyl record.  The audio must be provided by you, it can be a voice recording, piece of music or if you’d rather just listen to the unique sound that the ashes make.

Walking Stick – your loved one’s ashes can be stored in a capsule and placed in the stainless steel top of a walking stick or for a more permanent reminder they can be made into a blown glass top.

Memory Bear/Bunny/Dog – each one of these are handmade and huggable, the seamstress has cleverly designed some discreet pouches in each design with a nice fastening so that a small amount of ashes can be safely held inside.

Self Fire Rocket –   Ashes into Rockets, fireworks are made to a design by pyrotechnic experts who create stunning and vivid colours including gold willow, blue peony, crackling flower, and purple coconut.

These memorial fireworks will shoot ashes into the air over 200 feet producing a large burst to give your loved one a truly spectacular send-off.

Each rocket is designed to carry 50 grams of your loved one’s ashes and will have a tribute label on each one.

The fireworks are made by highly trained and experienced firework professionals who show the utmost dignity and respect.  At all times during the process from the receipt of ashes to the final sealing of the firework, a stringent control and logging process is observed.

Some of these unique options do carry quite a large price tag, however, if you feel you would like order any of those, please feel free to contact us and will offer any assistance we can with the ordering process,