Cemetery with lots of tombstones among tall green trees

Buying a Funeral Plan

There was a recent article from the BBC about funeral plans. It had claimed a recent report commissioned by Dignity said that thousands of people are buying a funeral plan that dose not meet their needs. Relatives are left with extra costs once a loved one has passed.

Cemetery with lots of tombstones among tall green trees
It says unscrupulous sales practices in the market was significant and growing.”

The article goes onto say that some of the sales tactics that sales reps are adopting include pressure tactics through phone calls and home visits to consumers 50+. This is harassing them into buying a funeral plan.

It went onto state “That buying a funeral plan from a reputable provider can provide good value for money, as it locks in current prices.”

These tactics by unethical sales agents are something we do not condone this at Clydebank Co-operative Funeral Directors. These people do not act in the best interests of the consumer or funeral directors like ourselves.

Purchasing our funeral plans from us gives you peace of mind. On the build up to a funeral, it can be an emotional and testing time you and your loved ones. That’s why our funeral costs are catered exactly to your specifications and needs. There are no hidden fee’s or extras. Payment is made in full or instalments. Your money is fully protected so as it’s protected by:

  • The Royal London Mutual Society Ltd.
  • We have a range of funeral plans available to view our plans please click here.

Make sure that when you are buying a funeral plan that you buy from a reputable provider. A loved one’s funeral is something you only get one shot at.

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