Arrange funeral setting - Young woman laying flowers on coffin

It can be a very distressing and dark time when a loved one passes away, the thought of arranging a funeral can be both worrying and daunting. However, we at Clydebank Co-operative Funeral Directors can help you through this process.

Arrange funeral setting - Young woman laying flowers on coffin

Arranging A funeral

First Call

When you first make contact to advise us of a death, we will take some essential details from you, such as name, age and place of death of the deceased, also contact details from yourself or for the person who will be making the funeral arrangements if it is not you.
We will ask if the certification of death has been issued and if so, do we have your permission to bring the deceased into our care. We will then arrange an appointment for you to make the funeral arrangements, you can either come to the funeral home or we can do a home visit.

Bringing the deceased into our care

Once the first call has been made, we will make arrangements to bring the deceased into our care. If the death did not occur at home, we will liaise with the staff at hospital/hospice/nursing home to carry out this arrangement. We, can then, if requested, advise you when we have your loved one in our care; some people are comforted by the fact that their loved one has been removed from their place of death.

Funeral Arrangements

There are many decisions to be made when arranging the funeral, such as, has it to be burial/cremation, if cremation, what would you like to do with the cremated remains after service, if burial, do you own a lair. What type of service would you like and who will take the service for you (priest/minister/civil celebrant/humanist). We are able to arrange all of this for you.

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If the funeral has to be burial and you or the deceased do not own a lair, we can arrange on your behalf the purchase of this with the relevant authorities. In some cemeteries you are able to choose a lair and again we will assist you with this.

Funeral Products

Within our Hume Street Funeral Home, we have a variety of funeral products such as coffins, cremated remains containers, jewellery and headstones. We also have brochures from florists and can order floral arrangements on your behalf.

Financial Matters

We will provide you with an itemised written estimate of all the costs involved and we will go through it with you at the time of making the arrangements,you will know exactly how much the funeral will cost before we proceed.

We can assist you with matters concerning the deceased’s finances. If perhaps you require assistance from the DWP or information for banks etc. We are happy to assist.


When a Death is Imminent

If someone you know or a loved one is very ill and death expected in the coming days or weeks, it can possibly be more productive to contact us and make some provisional decisions. We are able to provide different arrangements that can be tailored to your needs.

This blog will hopefully give you some idea of what to expect when making your arrangements, however, feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.