A light wooden urn that has a wide opening at the top and a smaller tapered bottom

When arranging a cremation funeral of a loved one, you will be asked by your Funeral  Director what you would like to happen with the deceased’s cremated remains (ashes) and they’re many options. Here are a few:

What To Do With Your Loved One’s Ashes

Scattered or interred in the crematorium grounds –  most crematoriums do not charge for this and would not allow you to place markers and would advise you of a specific area.
Interred in a family lair – there is a cost for this which varies with each council, doing this will allow you the option of placing a marker/memorial on the grave. Niches and Urns Wood/Wooden Cremation Urn for Ashes - Bach 4 by NichesandUrns on Etsy:
Retaining the ashes – in each of our branches we have a selection of urns, caskets, scatter tubes, jewellery and keepsakes.

Scattering Ashes

Scattering ashes – a scatter tube (we have a varied selection) can be provided if you would prefer to scatter the ashes yourself, perhaps in your loved ones favourite place.
There is also an option to have the ashes made into jewellery such as, rings, pendants, ear-rings, cufflinks and charms, a paperweight is also an option.

We, as your Funeral Director would be happy to retain the ashes whilst you make your decision.

We also offer Bespoke Jewellery, this keepsake can be a handprint, fingerprint or footprint.
Please get in contact for any enquiries.